About us

Initiator / Founder

I initiated and created this intercultural and international school partnership.


Helping girls to overcome their fear of interacting with technology is my passion. Girls are our future.

I teach information technology and media studies, and handle print and web advertising for the schools where I teach.

I teach the girls in the use of technology while also providing support for the project’s broader international marketing and advertising activities.

Learning English with the Hope Project in India has so many benefits for all students:


Social competences - bring people together
Everybody can take part of it.

Internalize social skills and how to make new friends.

International competences - learn English
Learn to communicate internationally and interculturally - for travelling or for your later business.

Business competences - learn English
Opening doors for your future career.

Media competences - learn about social media
Media communication via E-mail and Skype, social media is a new competence for the future. Be „IN“-ternational, be the "information rich".

Technical competences - learn new technics
To overcome the fear of interacting with technology.


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Management in India

Executive Director

The Executive Director of „The Hope Project Dargah Hazrat Inayat Khan Foundation Charitable Trust“, Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, India:

I am very pleased to support this international school partnership. The girls from the Girls Non-Formal School
need more international English communication skills
for their future.

They can learn more about social competence and good conversation. Learning English means developing better language competences that may be valuable for their future career.

Such activities will also facilitate learning better communication

& develop confidence.


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Computer Teacher & Youth Coordinator

I explained how the Indian girls in the Hope Project all want communicate to internet but that their lack of experience in using the internet (and technology, in general) prevented them from participating in this social network.

We can help the girls in India to become prepared for their professional lives. And we can help every student with our Project: ”W R I T E   T O   M E”







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Girls Non-Formal School Teacher

English High School Teacher

The students of the Girls Non-Formal School  have no internet skills.
So they have to know the basics,  e.g. how to use the computer,
what internet is for and how programs like Skype can be of benefit.

They want to exchange with other students and take part of it.

Our students don´t have any computer at home. This is why we,
The Hope Project, want to motivate all students to learn how
to use a computer, so they might have a better chance for
a professional future.

Also important for a better future is the knowledge of the
common English language, to have better job opportunities.

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English-Teacher of India High School group "The Advanced"

Girls from the Non-Formal School  with High School English level

  1. Look at the concept. These things are possible.
  2. Learn more about the Indian students and their life.
  3. Start a partnership with a student.